Road Department

Mission StatementDSC_3462

The core mission of the Upson County Road Department is to maintain all County-owned roadway infrastructure and to provide a safe and efficient roadway system for motorists utilizing the most cost-effective means while ensuring quality results. The County roadway system includes 414 miles of paved registered roads and 48 miles of unpaved registered roads.


The Road Dept.’s primary responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Timber Harvest Notifications
  • Roadway Drainage Problems
  • Pothole Complaints and Repairs
  • Right-of-Way Mowing, Brush Trimming
  • Roadway Sign Repairs and Replacement
  • Permits for Driveway Connections, Utility Encroachment

Report Road Issue

Dead animals/road kill removal for:  

  • County-maintained Road – contact Upson County Animal Shelter 706-647-5586.
  • State route – contact Georgia Dept. of Transportation 706-646-6100. 

All other road maintenance issues on county-maintained roads can be reported by phone to 
706-647-2284 or online through Citizen Request Tracker

Any road maintenance issues that are located on the following state routes must be reported to the Georgia Department of Transportation 706-646-6100:

  • SR 19
  • SR 80
  • SR 74/Crest Highway/Yatesville Highway
  • SR 36/Woodland Road

Road Department Permits  

All work performed in or requiring access across the County right-of-way requires a permit.  No work or access is allowed in/through a County right-of-way until a permit has been approved. The following activities require a permit to be submitted to the Road Dept.:

  • Driveway Permits: The new construction of driveways, with or without culverts, or the replacement or changes of existing driveways and/or culverts on County rights-of-way or easements is prohibited without first securing a permit from the Road Dept.  In addition, a permit is required for an inspection of an existing driveway when applying for a building permit.  No fee is required. 
  • Utility Encroachment: The installation or maintenance of public or private utilities along the right-of-way or easement of a county-maintained road is prohibited without obtaining a permit from the Road Dept.  A $50.00 application fee is required. 
  • Emergency Utility Repair/Maintenance: Any emergency repairs/maintenance performed to existing utilities require completion of an emergency notification form. No fee is required. 

Driveway Permit applications are now submitted online through the Road Department’s new Road Permits Portal!  Paper applications will no longer be accepted after March 1, 2023. Not sure if you have to file a driveway permit?  If one of the following apply then a driveway permit is required:

  • Need an existing driveway inspected for a Building Permit
  • Installing a new driveway connection
  • Modifying an existing driveway connection

Driveway connections located inside city limits of Thomaston or Yatesville, on private roads or on state highways/routes are not handled by the Upson County Road Department.  
Questions? – Contact the Road Department at 706-647-2824 or by Email at

Timber Harvest Notifications

The Road Dept. oversees the timber harvest notifications for the unincorporated areas of Upson County. All timber harvest notifications must be submitted online through the Georgia Forestry Commission’s Timber Harvest Notification system at the below link:

If the ingress/egress is onto a state route, the logging company will need to contact the Georgia Department of Transportation at 706-646-6100.